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Retailers encounter the most versatile segment of market where quick adoption of change is a symbol of existence. Increasing competition motivates customer to expect wider choice range, better quality, best price and quick delivery. Slow movement at cash counter cause impatient customers to discard filled shopping-carts and move to competitors. Delayed delivery from warehouse to stores cause missed opportunity of sales and reduce revenues. Improper allocation of spaces demotes and defies promotion. Un-managed warehouse storing restricts proper access to stock, inventory and introduce dead stock.

delivers a complete retail solution with back office and de facto POS machine. The system interlinks warehouse, showroom and back office to provide a comprehensive insight for quick decision making.

  • Complete solution for multi and single stores.

  • Robust, reliable, dedicated POS machine with standard peripherals for faster transaction and zero downtime.

  • Seamless integration of POS software with back office.

  • Multiple prices structure, individual definition of payment type, extensive discount functionality.

  • Online reporting feature for quick analysis.

  • Integrated space management to plan showroom and warehouse space for efficient utilisation

  • Space allocation provides exact location for items, and generate uniformity that is familiar and comfortable to customer.

  • Single point of control for configuring distributed POS machine.

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