Network Audit
The complexity of a network depends upon the functionality it has to deliver. With the advent of internet, businesses are no longer bounded by geographical boundaries, complying the organisational network to include intranet and extranet. This increases the number of components and variables that must be managed to maintain the performance of the network, making the complete approach cumbersome and fatigue without proper manpower or tools.

conducts a comprehensive test and calibrates individual components of the network to give a complete insight of the network health. This is supported by extensive reports in graphical and tabular format to quantify the pro’s and con’s to optimise the network.

A complete network audit comprises of three phases which are supplement with each higher phase to include the preceding phase.


• I.T Inventory ( Hardware & Software )
• Cable Calibration ( Copper & Fibre Optics )
• Protocol Monitor
• Network Documentation

• Protocol Analyzing
• Traffic Monitoring
• WAN Link Utilization
• Network Degradation Index
• Application Availability

• Security Check
• Service Level Agreement Check
• Intrusion Detection Test
• Storage Accessibility
• Disaster Recovery Plan
Benefits in a nutshell:

• Minimized or Zero downtime
• Effective deployment of expensive resources
• Higher support level to end-users
• Controlled anticipated expansion of network
• Service Level Agreement verification
• Proactive approach to network problems
• Focused budgetary approach
• Reduced COST of I.T maintenance

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