Data Center
Network Audit
Maintenance Contract

The redundant and ever increasing expense of resources, finance and manpower, required to maintain the uptime of the network is an extra burden on the IT department preventing the same resources from being invested for the technological advancement of the department. The looping of resources gradually increases the cost of operation that is otherwise un-necessary, and often, under utilised. The IT department rather than optimising advanced technology in the interest of the company, are left providing life-support for the network.

solves the problem by providing an extensive range of service level to best suit the budget and requirement of your network. Initially a site survey is conducted to model the network with schematic diagram, address scheme, network audit and documentation. If necessary, recommendations are forwarded to stabilise the network and optimise the performance. The customer has the option to chose any level of service, that include:

  • Call Based service

  • AMC 8hours X 5days

  • AMC 24hours X 7days

  • Optional included Spare Parts

  • Disaster Recovery - Online

  • Disaster Recovery - Offline

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