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Businesses are planned to grow. Growth, along with success, brings complexity to mode of operation. Independent activities started tend to become departments performing multiple tasks, with multiple employees, to form a part of the value chain. To manage the business in a professional way a comprehensive insight of the operation is essential to judge elements that effect growth - decision making, analysing trends, reducing overheads, eliminating wastage, motivating human resources, inventory control, optimising task and financial flow.

provides the technical infrastructure required to streamline entire business process to a single system. The system processes, collects and records individual transaction to form a single source of information for the entire operation, that can be flexibly moulded to create a wide range of reports essential for decision making. Finance integrates general ledger, accounts payable, account receivable, budgeting, cash / PDC management with reporting feature for most current status and update.

Manufacturing provides a view of work in progress, cost management, quality control, material requirements, load capacity and work scheduling. Reports are generated on project or plant bases to ensure level of engineering utilised.

Warehouse tracks the movement of stocks and provides information on stocks received, payment mode, material returned and supplier details. Reports generated show exact stock available and location to help schedule purchase. Supplier reports provide comparison for better pricing and relation.

Human Resources help in employee retention by providing information of payroll history, increment details and benefits awarded. Additional information as training, achievements and personal details helps introduce programs to motivate employee, thus increasing overall efficiency and performance.

Project Management is a deciding factor for profitability, and details like scheduling.


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