ERP Infrastructure
Supply Chain Management

Technology has always influenced routine life, and now I.T. has given a new dimension to the way business is conducted. The increase implementation of internal networks and the exponential growth of the Internet have permitted business to exploit the Internet technology to create new value added service for their customers, streamline operations to consolidate suppliers and have a global presence. The growing trend of adoption indicates e-technology as a differentiator for success for businesses seeking to grow and remain competitive.

extends a wide range of solution best suited for e-enabling the existing system. Creating a competitive edge with customised e-commerce framework, delivering present demand and ready for future challenge.

  • Enterprise network is optimised for internet-ready with proper speed, security, scalability and reliability.

  • Enterprise network is extended to incorporate strategic partner network, with adequate security and authorisation.

  • Applications software on different platforms is enabled to exchange information in a common format.

  • Applications are developed to control the task flow through the different environment.

  • Common customer / supplier communicate channels are integrated to maintain uniform information consistency.


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