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Customers, the best asset of any organization, need not only to be retained but also significantly increased to maintain the growth of the company. Competition has granted customers the liberty to raise level of expectation for better delivery of choice, quality, price and service. Today customers are literate about requirements and have an easy access to information for the best deal. To retain customer, companies now have to provide more professional services, be in constant touch with the customer and adopt a professional approach to increase customer base. The number of loyal customer retained is proportionate to the level of confidence / comfort created, which is a constant variable.

provides customer-centric solution to identify, select, acquire, retain and better server customers.

  • Data from independently distributed departments is streamlined into a common base providing    complete customer record for uniform service level, thus increasing the level of customer    satisfaction.

  • The knowledge base is analysed to understand market trend to create customised service.

  • Leveraging customer intelligent, proactive customer care is anticipated and delivered to generate    up-selling opportunity.

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